We tailor our work to your needs. Some clients ask us to assist and advise them throughout their mediation process to achieve reaching an agreement without any proceedings. In a high proportion of cases, an agreement is reached and we offer a fixed fee for preparing the consent order, pension sharing annex and supporting documents. We then settle the content of the documents with your spouse or their solicitor and once finalised, process the papers through the court. Occasionally a District Judge may raise a question about the order and the intention behind it. We reply to any question raised on your behalf and complete the work necessary to obtain a signed and approved final order (often referred to as a Consent Order or Financial Remedy Order).   The fixed fee for this work is £850 plus vat and the court fee of £53.00.

Taylor Law

If an agreement cannot be reached at mediation, we can assist with alternative methods of achieving a financial settlement, whether through negotiating with your spouses lawyer, at round table meetings or as a last report through court proceedings. Throughout each process, we will guide you and explain in clear uncomplicated language what stage you have reached and what you are required to do next.

In all financial matters, both parties have a duty to disclose to the other details of their financial positon. Upon request we can provide you with a list of the information required and how to present it, whether through voluntary disclosure of by means of a document called Form E.

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